Business / Personal Storage Unit Sizes and Parking Spaces for RV & Boat

5’ by 5’ Entrance Width: 5 feet 25 Square Feet

Noda Storage in Charlotte NC is the expert in personal storage and business storage.

For Personal Storage

Looking for storage space to store your personal household items? Small-sized units are great for garden tools, boxed business files or office supplies.

For Business Storage

Small-sized units are great for garden tools, boxed business files or office supplies.

5 foot by 10 foot storage unit
5’ by 10’ Entrance Width: 5 feet or 10 feet. 50 Square Feet

For Household Storage

Store the furnishings of one or two bedrooms in a mid-size unit.

For Business Storage

This unit is also the perfect size for extra business inventory storage or office equipment.

5 foot by 10 foot storage unit
10’ by 10’ Entrance Width: 10 feet 100 Square Feet

For Personal Storage and Business Storage

The 10'x10' holds an entire family room of furniture or the contents of two full bedrooms, perfect for personal household storage It can also fit an entire office, including a desk, chairs, computer, lamps and shelves.

5 foot by 10 foot storage unit
10’ by 15’ Entrance Width: 10 feet 150 Square Feet

For business Storage and household storage

One of our larger units can accommodate the three-bedroom belongings of a growing family.

5 foot by 10 Storage Space
10’ by 20’ Entrance Width: 10 Feet 200 Square Feet

Personal or household Storage Space

Store the contents of a 5-bedroom house, or five years worth of business files, in one of our larger, more spacious units.

5 foot by 10 foot storage unit
10’ by 30’ Entrance Width: 10 Feet 300 Square Feet

For Personal Storage

The 10'x30' provides enough storage space for a 7-bedroom house, a grand piano, or a year's worth of business inventory.

5 foot by 10 foot storage unit
Parking Spaces Approximately 10x30 300 Square Feet

Vehicle, RV Storage and Boat Storage

Looking for parking spaces to store your RV, Boat and vehicle? We offer parking to store your recreational vehicle, boat or car in one of our secure, outdoor RV and Boat parking spaces. Availability and size vary by location.

5 foot by 10 Self Storage Space

Storage Space Calculator

Our storage space calculator can help you determine what storage unit would be best for your needs. Using the form below, tell us what you need to store and our calculator will provide an estimate in cubic feet as well as the size unit you’ll need.

In each category below, enter the number of your items to be stored. To the right, we'll calculate the space needed and recommend a storage unit based on the space needed.

At NoDa Self Storage we have a wide variety of storage unit sizes, ranging from as small as a broom closet to as large as a one-and-a-half car garage. Our parking spaces and boat parking are the ideal place to keep your boat and RV between uses. No matter what you need to store with us, we have the right Charlotte storage space for you. All units are located on the ground level for easy access, and we have indoor storage spaces that are fully enclosed and well-lighted.

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